5 things you should do for amazing skin

Without sounding like a clearasil ad, we experience many “oh no a pimple the day before the party” calls here at LoveCo Beauty HQ and theres no wonder why! After a lot of wine, champagne, stress, celebrating and cake tasting many LoveCo clients experience break-outs in the lead up to their booking.

We’re all lusting for that ‘I do’ glow and while we may be experts in “zit” hiding with our magic wands, we most importantly want all our clients to look and feel their very best; that’s why we’ve created our 5 easy steps below for amazing skin!

Follow a month prior to your next big event to shine bright like a diamond.   

1. Keep Hydrated 

Yes, we all know it but somehow a day without a drink bottle and we dehydrate in silence. Our tip, carry a drink bottle in your handbag, desk and car at all times. Hydration is key in clearing up any unwanted breakouts.  

 2. Ditch Dairy 

We asked super hero/ naturopath Rhea Beilharz for her advice on ditching dairy. “Dairy is often problematic for those that suffer acne as it can lead to increased levels of inflammation and skin breakdown.” Almond milk lattes from here on out ladies.  

3. Cut back on over-indulging in sugar.  

Stop with the daily chocolate cake tasting. “Sugar is another common trigger for people with acne. This doesn’t necessarily mean that if you enjoy a chocolate bar occasionally that you’ll break out, but if you continually overindulge in sugar it might worsen your skin. Try reducing sweet things to a few times a week as a treat rather than a daily necessity” Says Beilharz. 

4. Hygiene   

It’s time to start cleaning all those make-up brushes on the weekly. Love Co founder Mehrium says “cleaning your brushes regularly is a must! I recommend rinsing out all of the residual makeup in running water then grab a bowl of lukewarm water, squirt in some baby shampoo and give them a scrub. Once again, run the brush tips and sponges under running water and complete the process by laying your brushes hanging over a clean bench, so they can air out naturally. Wolah, clean hygienic brushes for a fresh glowing face. ”

5. Radiance    

When you’ve focused on the inside, time to look outside. We recommend an oxygen facial two day prior to the big day, to plump out the skin and boost your radiance! When your skins happy, we’re happy. Getting your skin to a hydrated state before your event will not only make you glow but also make your makeup last longer.  Recommended specialist: Amar Skin: 0404 473 088 - mention LoveCo Beauty to receive 25% off

Skin muse Miranda Kerr follows a healthy diet and drinks 3 litres of water a day for her glow!

Skin muse Miranda Kerr follows a healthy diet and drinks 3 litres of water a day for her glow!