How to be a zen bride

In our 24/7 go-go-go world, adding a wedding to-do list on top of your already demanding day job is, without a doubt, no mean feat. It’s easy to see how the dreaded term ‘Bridezilla’ was born.

While you may be trying to enjoy every moment of the decision-making process, it can be challenging.  Quite often we can’t decide on what we want to eat for dinner after a busy working day, let alone knowing what entrée your vegan keto cousin’s cousin’s girlfriend would like to scoff.

Granted it takes two to tango and the planning can be shared with your partner, but two opinions can often turn a wedding task like a seating plan into a Rubix cube of a problem.

Yes, we’ve seen and heard it all in our hair and makeup chairs and want to share with you a few ways to look, feel and be your very best self, beyond contouring and mascara.

Behold LoveCo Beauty’s top four tips to become the zenniest of zen brides on your special day.

LOVE: “Be yourself. There is no one better.”

Love is what got you here in the first place. It’s essential in the lead up to your wedding day to schedule date nights that don’t revolve around wedding talk and decisions. Make time to check out together. The same goes for yourself too. You cannot truly love someone until you love yourself first. Taking time some “me-time” makes you a better lover, friend and family member.

RELAX: “Relax. Everything is running on the right schedule.”

Find what works for you to rest, relax and recharge. Reading a good book, slathering your skin in essential oils, hitting snooze on your alarm, meditating, enjoying a massage or treating yourself to mani/pedi can be all great ways to chill out. Whatever puts a smile on your face, do it often.

SHARE: “The more we share. The more we have.”

Delegate like a pro and share the journey with your bride tribe, family and loved one. If you’re feeling overwhelmed it’s okay and completely healthy. Grab a coffee or tea with a good friend and have a vent. Remember the LoveCo team are bridal specialists, and beyond beauty, we have an abundance of bridal tips, contacts and recommendations to share with you to make your wedding journey fun, easy and how you imagined.

HEALTH: “A healthy outside comes from the inside.” 

Our health becomes the last priority during a busy period, but it’s actually the most critical factor that will help you get through these challenging times. Ditch the diet and focus on eating well and keeping fit. You’ll find taking good care of yourself will reward you in more ways than one: weight-loss, glowing skin, glossy hair and endorphin fuelled days are just some of the many benefits

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